A range of precision swaging and reloading presses are designed and manufactured by Armaments by Design. All the presses we manufacture are designed to function in a different manner to almost all other presses on the market.

Bullet Swaging and Reloading Press - Standard Length.  Sold individually.

Bullet Swagging and Reloading Press - Extended Length.  Sold individually.

Twin Portable Reloading Press with Cerakote.

None of our presses, swaging or reloading, rely on the operating handle being travelled to the “cam over” position at the end of stroke or the length of stroke being set by the positioning or adjusting of the die in the press frame by shims or any similar method.

None of our presses rely on leaving the die loose so it can “self-align” as it is used. We feel that “self-alignment” is a compromise situation caused by loose tolerances and poor machining and has no place in a highly accurate press of any sort. All presses utilise a micrometer stop to set and limit the length of stroke of the press ram shaft, resulting in highly accurate and repeatable swaging or reloading. This removes any variation in ram stroke length caused by wear or tolerance clearances in the pivoting pins and arms of the press. Consequently, you do not need to buy precision micrometer adjustable dies for every calibre you own as this feature is built into the press and used with standard dies.

All presses use replaceable Teflon coated bronze bushings in all pivoting or sliding surfaces. All presses use precision high tensile ground and polished steel ram shafts and guide bar shafts. All press models can be changed from right hand operation to left hand operation in a few minutes. All model press frames are high strength aluminium. Other design features apply to individual presses and are shown in the respective press category.

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