We manufacture three designs of tuners in numerous thread sizes that offer a range to suit your requirements. Always try to keep the thread size on the end of the barrel as large as possible if you are having one machined onto a blank barrel.

A fact to remember: At AbD we believe enough testing has now been carried out across the globe to show that tuners will not make a poorly performing rifle suddenly become a tack driver, but they will often tighten up the grouping of most well setup rifles for bench rest or long range shooting. They are simply a method of altering the vibration node of your barrel when you fire a shot and may have a greater or lesser effect on some rifles than on others. Consequently, the fitting of a tuner of any make or design may or may not make a significant difference to the grouping capability of your rifle.

Barrel Tuner - EDPM Rubber Sleeve (Type A)

Barrel Tuner Double Nut Style (Type B)

We will manufacture any of our tuner styles that are shown as nil stock in a few days for you as it is not always practical for us to carry every thread size of each tuner style in stock. Just place an order for the thread size you need and we will place it into a production run to be shipped within 5 to 7 days. Purchase our Australian made barrel tuners online by choosing from the options above.